Hello Hipsters!

I launched my blog to both challenge and encourage the leading social demographic in the world.  It gives a voice to things weve been feeling or thinking but in a way we haven’t seen expressed out there very much – with HOPE.

I write about faith, the Church, grief, social issues, parenting, and ministry – about life basically.  I speak honestly about things I’m passionate about but with a HOPEful approach.  I believe you can relate.

Your contributions directly help move me toward being able to write and minister online full-time through HOPE4Hipsters without censorship or influence.

A HUGE part of my “stepping out of the boat” is to attempt to support my family through my efforts poured into HOPE4Hipsters. The goal, Lord willing, is to help create a life that enables me to be more available to my family and ministry.


By supporting me through Patreon, Paypal, and my affiliates (i.e. Amazon listed above), you’ll be able to tangibly partner with me as we continue to create HOPE within important conversations that matter most.  Similar to the way you support public Television or Public Radio, you’re contributing to created work that you enjoy and believe in by giving a one-time or pledging monthly gift.

If you enjoy the content of H4H, please consider how you can partner with me by using these methods.  If you do not enjoy the content of H4H but believe in the pursuit of dreams and/or spreading HOPE, please still consider how you can partner with me.

I can’t promise you fancy beard oil (not yet at least!), but I can promise you that you will be a true partner with me, encouraging, inspiring, and sharing this work with the world, and supporting me as I spread HOPE.

Please know that any amount is most welcome and appreciated!

Thank you for considering how you can support and magnify the H4H ministry through giving!  H4H is nothing without you!



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