FAMILY FUN FRIDAY: Another 4 Fun Activities to Enjoy Fall!

Hello, HOPE-lovers and Happy Family-Fun Friday!

When you live in Phoenix, Andy Williams’ classic, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, is not just a Christmas tune!  Anything under 100° makes us Phoenicians full of wonder.

As we continue to celebrate the Earth’s rotation, let’s re-open the windows, sing some Andy Williams, and go have some family fun!

Last time we decided to go outside (since we won’t melt now!), go apple picking, get back into the routine of walking, and enjoy some football together.

Here are four more ideas for how the family can enjoy the weather while forming life-long memories and traditions.

1) Go to a Train Park

My family and I are quite blessed in this regard — we have two awesome train parks in town, one only ten minutes away!  For our son’s second birthday, we had a “two-two” train party last weekend for with close family and it was a blast.  Kids and trains are always an automatic success.

2) Go to a Corn Maze

Now that we can go outside and enjoy creation again, get lost in a corn maze!  There’s only a few weeks out of the year that you can typically take advantage of this unique experience so don’t waste another weekend.

3) Go on a Hay Ride

Similar to item #2, how often can you be pulled around on some hay?  I know, what’s the point, right?  But it’s the simplicity and rarity of the whole situation that brings value and intrigue, especially for the kids.  It’s an easy winner, so do it if you can.

4) Go Play Some Mini-Golf

This activity is always full of laughs.  The courses are always fun and creative, plus, the added bonus is getting to observe how pathetic everyone is at putting that darn ball in the hole.  Priceless!

These, and so many more fun activities, are sure to create special memories for the family.  They are fun, uplifting, easy and very affordable.  Let’s continue to make family what it should be — fun.

Come back next time for more fun, fall activities.

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