TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY: 5 Reasons Why Marriages Don’t Work

Hello, Hipsters and welcome to Transformation Tuesday!

Today, I wanted to share something that caught my attention a while back.

Sex columnist, Anthony D’Ambrosio, shares with us through USA TODAY 5 Reasons Why Marriages Don’t Work.

Take a listen.

This is what Anthony had to say:

1) Sex becomes nearly non-existent.

Physical intimacy is crucial to the vitality of a relationship, but thanks to social media, people have numerous outlets for finding fulfillment elsewhere.  The allurement for polyamory (this seems to be coming up quite a bit lately!) has never been so real and many are giving in.

2) We’re more connected yet not.

Technology has brought about great advancements along with great challenges.  We are more connected digitally, and yet we are more disconnected personally.  We have traded the internal for the external.

3) Finances cripple us.

School debt, finding a good job, affording a mortgage and a family, and the unending rise of living costs are all adding strains to our lives and relationships.  Money is typically involved, if not at the epicenter, of a failed marriage.

4) The desire for attention is outweighing our desire for love.

How can one person’s affection compare to that of hundreds or even thousands?  The social sources we are looking to for fulfillment, acceptance, and approval are growing exponentially day by day.  The wandering eyes, minds, and hearts of digital infidelity are having real world consequences.

5) Social media invites outsiders in.

We have torn down the natural, historical barriers of privacy.  Thousands of people, many of which we’ve never met, are in our lives, even “in bed” with us, on a daily basis.  Our addiction to immediate gratification is removing all mystery and suspense.  Man’s pursuit of knowing everything is building a new Tower of Babylon.

What are your thoughts?

This material focused on marriage, but who could deny that these facts affect every area of our existence?!  We might as well call this, “5 Reasons Why Humans Don’t Work.”

Well, this is only the surface of a gargantuan iceberg we’re all facing.  Come back next time as we discuss more about the affects of social media upon humanity.

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