Blogging Break: I’m Seeking To Be An Author!

Hey hipsters!

This is just a little fyi, especially for those who do not follow on social media.  In case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t had any recent blog posts, here’s why:

About two weeks ago, I decided to write an autobiography detailing my journey from despair to HOPE!  I’m becoming an author!  Well, at least in my little world for now.

I came to this conclusion through the encouragement of my pastor.  Knowing about H4H and my heart to reach a spiritual generation that is abandoning the Church, he has encouraged me to consider writing a book for months now.  Recently, it became clear that if I were ever going to do this, now is the time!

On the blog, I continously try to bring HOPE to some topic, from transgender restrooms to women’s rights, but I hardly have taken the time to dive into the topic of HOPE itself.  At most, I have my About H4H page, but I have been learning that the content contained there was just the beginning.

Now, even though I have maintained a blog for nearly three years, I NEVER wanted to write a book!  It was always overwhelming to me.  I’ve always felt so unprepared as I considered the idea.  But I’ve come to realize that just because I enjoy anthologies of theology does not mean that I have to create one myself!  Besides, what better way to get my feet wet than to unveil the background to how H4H came to be?!

Ironically, prior to deciding to write this autobiography I was already in the middle of writing another book.  This work will be a 31-day devotional on the topic of HOPE.  This is how I originally thought I would get my feet wet with book writing, but things change.

So here I am, writing two books at the same time.  I would have never imagined this!  And even though I have languished the idea for years, I must admit that I have a new spring in my step currently.  This process has been giving me such an opportunity to meditate upon and articulate HOPE at a much deeper level and I am SO excited to share with anyone willing to read!

Keep the HOPE, hipsters!

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