TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY: 4 Life-Giving Lessons on Homosexuality from a Homosexual Christian

Few things divide more than this topic.  The depths and levels of emotion often evoked cause me to tread very lightly, with much humility and respect.

This article is by NO means me sermonizing.  I am simply attempting to grasp and respond to what Sam Allberry, an identifying Christian homosexual, is conveying to his Synod and the world.

I did not expect this…

Here’s what Sam stated:

1) Sexuality is NOT a matter of identity.  And this is good news.

2) Human worth and fulfillment are NOT contingent on being romantically/sexually fulfilled.  And this is liberating.

3) To more fully develop the previous point, he continues that the most fully and complete Person to live was Jesus Christ.  He never married, entered a romantic relationship, nor ever had sex.  If marriage, romance, and sex are intrinsic to human fulfillment, then Jesus, or anyone like Him, was subhuman.

4) Despite current trends, Jesus taught that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Again, this is not me preaching; this homosexual Christ-follower believes these four items are the words, way, and will of His Lord.

To be brief and also illustrate a lack of personal bias, I have not provided any personal commentary.  I have simply listed the four points Sam shared.

And as Sam stated, there are thousands of individuals who joyfully affirm what he shared.

My HOPE4Hipsters:

The need for spaces and places to discuss openly, meaningfully, and productively is ever-increasing.  Our solutions lie beyond browbeating blueprints and ballot boxes.

Furthermore, bullying in any form should not be tolerated.  The truth about bullying and its existence on both sides of this issue cannot be ignored if it will ever be banished.

Sam, a homosexual, shared that he is bullied by pro-homosexual individuals or groups.  Even the Church, a community that is to be defined and driven by love, is not safe for Sam.  The reason is because this issue is far deeper and larger than sexual or political preferences.

Lastly, can we just let the Bible, and other “holy” books for that matter, be?  Just as we should not expect prescriptions or enhancements in the Satanic bible for the worship of Jesus, we should also not expect to the bible to prescribe or enhance our culture’s present and ever-changing opinions on sex or anything else.

Finally, Sam, an openly gay Christian, said that the teachings of Jesus are good news and life-giving to the world.  That’s rather inclusive and quite contrary to the usual script the media feeds us.

What you think?  Is this homosexual wrong?  Is there room for tolerance and disagreement among the homosexual community?  Should there be?

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