Transgender Bathrooms Intro: We’re Missing the Target (Boycott the Boycott)

 “I’m against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it.” ~ Mitch Hedberg


My thoughts exactly.  I guess I’ll write about it.


Let me begin this extremely controversial entry by acknowledging the fact that not everyone is ever satisfied with them.  No matter how we slice it, some will always walk away displeased.

So since complete unity in thought cannot be achieved, should we just remain silent?  No.  Dialogue is essential.  In fact, a dialogue would really be nice instead of the politically powerful just cramming their moral views down everyone’s throats.  Jesus could not achieve complete uniformity, nor did He look to, so we are in good company.


So I’ll just say it: I do not agree with the recent decision Target has made regarding its public restroom policy, which is now dictated by one’s own subjective “gender identification.”  If interested, see more at “Transcendent Thoughts on Transgenderism” (

Please continue to read.  Even if you now hate me.  The fact that I disagree with Target’s decision is what will make my conclusion so interesting (to some, at least).


So even though I could never support Target’s decision, what should I, a Christ-follower, do?  To be quite honest, I do not have a fully-orbed answer for this ever-evolving situation; I’m not sure anyone does, and that’s okay.

That seems to be how God works with me most of the time.  I might not know exactly what to do, but it’s clear what we should not do.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that BOYCOTTING, from the subtle to the extreme, is NOT a suitable or biblical response to the transgender issue (or any issue Christians disagree with, for that matter).  

My HOPE4Hipsters:

It’s far too easy for some of us to find what we are against.  My challenge to the Church, myself included, is to find what you are for.  You will be free, the world will be drawn, and Jesus will be honored.

More to come on the suitability and godliness of BOYCOTTING…

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