We’ll Take “Rejected” For $200, Alex!


-New OB team notified us (almost 2 weeks later?!) that they will cancel my appt. and won’t accept me as a patient.

-Still in search of new OB team

-Wisdom regarding hospital choice between two options for labor/delivery and how to ensure baby is transferred to children’s hospital

-That Elias comes naturally before his due date!


-Came back to my original specialist team, met with Dr. today, great rapport. He is very empathetic and agrees that our requests are reasonable for birth and baby.

-Dr. is in process of helping us get established with new OB.

-Besides his current health diagnosis, all of Elias’s vitals are stable & strong.


This last week has not been without medical drama and suspense  I had been anticipating Monday, Aug. 31 as a time that I would meet with my initial specialist group, AND that same day I was supposed to have an appt. with a potential new OB team.  It was nice to look forward to those appointments and feel that things should be more clear on Monday.  Well, I received an unexpected call Thursday evening that my appt. with the new OB team was cancelled.  I immediately returned the office call on Friday and was told there was nothing to discuss, but they would not accept me due to info they received in a letter from my current provider?!  I asked if this team had my records and they said, “No, they didn’t transfer your records.”  This new OB office couldn’t disclose any more info, and there was no discussion.  Period.

Needless to say, I was pretty crushed.  Rejected completely out of my control probably best describes my feelings.  I told the office I was very disappointed that they waited almost 2 weeks to tell me I was denied?  (Not to mention rude!)  There are a lot of other minor details, and THE CLOCK IS TICKING.  I’m now 36 weeks, basically at the point of what some Dr.’s consider full-term.  How the Lord will allow this to work out, we do not know!!

Thankfully, my appointment with the specialist, Dr. G, was still in effect…

So, that is what today was all about:

Dr. G was the difference of night and day from my previous Dr.  He is down-to-earth and very rational.  He clearly articulated both sides of research for our specific circumstances, and made sure we understood.  We told him we highly appreciated it.  We shared our hopes, goals, and philosophy of labor and birth, and he said that nothing was unreasonable.  (We’re not crazy!! 🙂  He assured us what we experienced was unfortunate, and he apologized for the challenge. Dr. G also told us that though we were at the end, and that it is very difficult to get a new OB to accept a high-risk patient, their team was there to help make sure that we had the resources we needed and know that we are not alone.  Thank you, Jesus!

(Cue Jeopardy tune….)

So, still some waiting going on, but we have advocacy!  It is so re-assuring of God’s faithfulness.

Currently, this team is trying to help get us a good established OB because the specialists don’t typically do deliveries.  They’re mostly there for consult, review, and explaining the ultrasound diagnosis.  Hopefully, in the next few days, we’ll get a response from some of the Dr.’s who have been contacted on our behalf.

Elias’s Ultrasound Today:

PLEASE keep up the prayers!!  All of Elias’s vitals are healthy and stable, despite his isolated issue on his spine/brain.  Praise: Currently, the brain fluid is not at an alarming level, so we want to pray that this remains the case!  If it drastically increases, we would have to induce.

The other big concern is that this baby arrives before his due date.  If his due date comes, we will have to be induced.  I really prefer to avoid that route, and we will do everything we can,  but there is only so much in our control!  {My other babies were 1 and 2 weeks late so hope/pray this little guy will be in his own field 😉 }

Our family is thankful for the ongoing support of prayer warriors and loved ones!!  We know that it is a huge source for us experiencing the peace and (re-)direction that we have.

IMG_0607 edited copy   <— These two girlies are ready to be big sisters! 

(January 2015~ This is the picture we showed our family to share news about baby #3 being on the way)

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