What is Love? Idol don’t hurt me no more.

Confession: I grew up watching Saturday Night Live.  I honestly don’t remember how an eight year old like myself at the time was introduced to this show, but it was fast, furious, and it stuck. I faintly recall a skit involving a very flatulent Kevin Kline in a jacuzzi and I guess I knew it was for me.  I’m sorry, that’s weird I know, but it’s me.  Or a part of me.  Really, it’s my past, but on to my point here.

Years later a weekly skit known as “Night at the Roxbury” starring Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan hit the scene.  No dialogue really, just a bunch of ridiculous dancing to this song called “What Is Love?” by Haddaway (see lyrics below).

This may seem totally random, but for some reason it made sense in my head.  I recently read this amazing blog post about idols in the typical American’s life (see http://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/hello-i-am-an-idol) and it really shook me up.

Then for some reason after contemplating the utter commonality of idols in my life, a song like this kept bouncing around in my head like Will and Chris on stage.  Read the idol blog first and then check out the lyrics to “What Is Love?” below.  See if it makes sense.  If it doesn’t, I’m sorry.  Time is money in my world so I apologize in advance if this really doesn’t connect for you.  It just breaks my heart of how we so desperately crave for fulfillment and settle for vaporous counterfeits.

What is love?

Baby, don’t hurt me

Don’t hurt me no more

I don’t know why you’re not there

I give you my love, but you don’t care

So what is right?

And what is wrong?

Gimme a sign

Oh, I don’t know, what can I do?

What else can I say, it’s up to you

I know we’re one

Just me and you

I can’t go on

Isn’t it weird that we hardly ever believe people until we find out for ourselves?  We all seem to have a little doubting Thomas incubating within us just waiting for the perfect temperature and conditions to hatch.  We are so “open” and curious and knowledgable and resourceful but really don’t know if what we have accepted is truly believed until life presses us on the mat.

Assuming your read the blog about idolatry, what’s yours?  What is that “love” that keeps hurting you?  What keeps leaving you hanging?  Thousands of years ago, a king named Solomon made a list of some pleasurable enticements that did not pay off (see Ecclesiastes 2:1-11).  Take a look, maybe something will stand out:



plush mansions




silver and gold (hello Sam the Snowman)


bedside maidens

in summary: whatever your eyes and heart desire

Jesus has given us heaven and earth, but we are constantly looking to pimp our lives.  We want the absolute best and gauge that by the transitory desires of our eyes and hearts.  No wonder the loneliest moments are when we experience that which we thought would deliver the ultimate and it has just let us down.

Hollow thrills beget pain and pills.  Our world is full of people bouncing around, like Will and Chris at the Roxbury, from enchantment to enchantment looking for fulfillment, pleading “Baby, don’t hurt me no more.”  Each let down leads to more despair, confusion, and more aggressive attempts for relief.

Is Jesus enough?  What in your life tells you otherwise?  Jesus + what = You’re okay?  This is how religion is created, and God knows we don’t need more of that.

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