How to Find the Euphoria of Enough

I am easily satisfied with the very best. ~ Winston Churchill

My youngest daughter is currently eighteen months old, and I can tell that this world has met its match.  Lord knows I have.  She has a personality that is already ‘kicking down doors.’  She just dominates.

There can be two sides to this coin called relentless, and when dealing with a non-verbal infant you see one side far more than the other.

My daughter is perpetual dissatisfaction embodied.  Food, play, attention, being held, and anything else she can consider at 3 a.m.…it’s never enough for her.  And flying the white flag only seems to chum the water for my daughter; that’s when it seems she goes for the jugular.

But this is certainly no problem isolated to toddlers.  Our world is full of people, like my daughter, who scream, “More! Give me more!”  Children are a mirror and as I analyze the reflection, I see this toddler mentality in play within myself and I’m haunted.

When is enough enough?  Answer: It’s either now or never.

When will I get the job I want and cry, “I don’t even want it anymore!  Don’t do it boss!  Don’t give me another raise.  I’m good.”

When will I get the car I want and lament, “This car is too dependable. It keeps me from walking or from needing public transportation.  But if it breaks down it at least got me half way!  Or if it got repoed I at least had it for a season!”

When will I get the house I want and complain, “This house is bigger and better than anything I could ever want.”

When will I get the social niche I want and bemoan, “I have enough friends.  They’re attractive enough, smart enough, and successful enough.”

When will I get to the place where I want to live and fret, “I am thankful for the place I live.  I dwell in a place that millions of people visited last year!  People spend their money and take vacations in my ‘backyard’ annually!”

When will I get the life I want and believe, “Everything in my life is in a good place.”

When is enough enough?

The reality is that enough is enough either now or never.  Right where I am right now.  If I can’t say that what I have in my life right now is enough then it will never be enough.

Greed, jealousy, envy, discontentment, entitlement, and all else that feeds the idea that I just need more actually makes me less.  It makes those around me feel like less.  And it makes them want to be around me less.

When is enough enough?  Right now!

Godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Tim. 6:6).  Basically what Paul wrote is that godliness with being satisfied is the path to true riches!

Can you imagine a world filled with believers who live lives declaring, “God, you’re too good and what I have is too much!”  If such celebration and contentment ooze out of the Church imagine the magnetism!  It would be so great that people would be compelled give their lives to this cause, mission, kingdom.

If you’re struggling with this inner-toddler (or even if you’re not), can I encourage you to write down what you are grateful in life?

Even Oprah, despite all of her lavish and comfortable living, keeps a gratitude journal!  If having large homes on three continents, a personal chef, security crew, show, channel, plane, and millions in the bank still necessitates a gratitude journal, I can guarantee you this…the next job, raise, house, child, relationship, degree, ministry, car, church, tattoo, etc. will not satisfy you.

If we do not become content, we will never be satisfied.

When is enough enough?  It’s either now or never.

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